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Moscow Central Circle

The Moscow Central Circle (MCC) is a new, fourteenth, overland encircle line of the Moscow Metro.

It is 54 kilometers long and has 31 stations. All interchanges between the MCC and the Moscow Metro are free of charge during a 90-minutes ride. The line is equipped with 36 modern trains, which enable rides with a 5-minutes interval in peak hours. It takes 90 minutes to take a ride through the MCC with all stops. In Russia this project is the first example of еру integration of railway and metro in one transportation system.

Moscow Metro Map & Central Circle(JPG)

This project is of the highest importance for all Muscovites, as helps to unload the most overloaded stations of the Moscow Metro and in-city and suburban railway terminals. Moreover, the new change facilities enable passengers to reduce duration of a trip and to improve the comfortability of the service. The launch of the MCC improved transport accessibility for residents of 26 districts of Moscow, where 2 million of people live. More than 500 thousand residents received a subway facility in a walking distance from home. The transportation service has been improved not only for the dwellers of these districts, but also for students and office employees, as 250 thousand of work places and 20 universities for 80 000 of students are in a walking distance from the MCC stations.

The Moscow Central Circle is a qualitatively new impulse to the development of public transport in Moscow, which meets the highest environmental, technical and social standards. All the stations are accessible for passengers with limited mobility, and all the trains are equipped with fixing frames for wheel chairs, prams and bicycles. All carriages are equipped with electronic information boards, climate-control systems and lavatories, and offer high-speed and free Wi-Fi network and chargers for gadgets.

The MCC was launched in September 2016, and has already proved its efficiency and has become a comprehensive element of the city’s transport system. Passenger traffic exceeded the expectations. In 2016, amount of passenger’s traffic was higher than 30 million people. Although it was planned to carry 75 million people in the first year of operation, today the forecasted number is 100 million people, thanks to every week 7% growth of passenger traffic. It proves that the new type of public transport is highly popular among the Muscovites, and that the chosen technical solutions were implemented correctly.

The launch of the MCC has colossal importance for the Moscow region. First of all, it will improve transportation accessibility and chord connections in the capital. In addition, it will provide a powerful upsurge for the industrial districts development. We believe that other cities may be inspired with this idea for increase in quality of urban living and for improvement of transport services. That is why we would like to bring it to the public and to do our best to receive recognition of the professional community.

For more information about the Moscow Central Circle, you are welcome to visit the official web site of the project: http://www.mosmetro.ru/mcc/.